Guidebook Tips and tricks for doing Venice with kids

Venice with kids

Tips and tricks for doing Venice with kids

You’re constantly walking up and down the steps of small bridges across the canals. “A 3-year-old can probably get out of his stroller and walk over these bridges; if your child can’t, consider using a backpack. If you do take a stroller, make sure it’s ultra-light.” (Tripsavvy)  

Just show up and walk around and take photos. “Walk until you’re hungry. Then eat. Then repeat. That’s all it takes to have a grand time in Venice.” (Design Mom)  

Feast on a collection of cicchetti. “It turned out to be a great way of getting a meal in with the little one in tow too. We were never in one place long enough for her to get bored; we were always outdoors, perched on a bench or on the steps of a bridge and being that there was mostly finger food, it was ready straight away.” (Emiko Davies blog)  

Picnic in the Giardini Pubblici (public gardens). “In this shaded park, along with sculpture and flower) beds, you’ll find grass for the kids to run on; a playground with slides and swings; and a faux grotto and benches where you can sit and watch the kids run off steam.” (Planetware)  

Work the bridges. “Our kids got a real thrill out of running over every bridge they found -- and there are hundreds of bridges to discover in Venice … the big bridges like the Rialto Bridge and the Ponte dell’Accademia over the Grand Canal are great for the classic shots of Venice … it’s fun to look for the more unusual bridges too. Ours loved searching the tiny lanes and canals of the Cannaregio district for the Bridge with No Sides (Ponte de Chiodo).” (Suitcases and Sandcastles)  

Other tips from everywhere: Get a family ticket and riding the vaporetto (waterbus) … bottled water is readily available (but tap water is drinkable) … public toilets can be found in convenient locations, although you have to pay a small fee to use them (€1 or €1.50) and you can find a list of them at veneziaunica.

Venice with kids
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