Guidebook Live music: the inside story of Melbourne’s ‘secret’ music scene


Live music: the inside story of Melbourne’s ‘secret’ music scene

“With a bit of inside knowledge,” says Only Melbourne, “you can catch the big, expensive acts for virtually nothing at one of the "secret" shows that abound at the small venues … Prince, Blondie, Lennie Kravitz and Pink have all played in Melbourne pubs and bars – you just had to know when and where.”

Melbourne's Music Scene

“It’s difficult to accurately pin the sounds currently wafting from the Melbourne underground,” writes Nothing But Hope and Passion.” One term that’s arisen specially for the occasion is ‘dolewave‘, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the aforementioned unemployment benefits … a dry, drawling vibe tinged with a healthy touch of suburban sarcasm.” Here are some lists of the best music in and around Melbourne:

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