Guidebook Sweet stuff: it’s oozing everywhere


Sweet stuff: it’s oozing everywhere

Melbourne has a long, proud history of chocolate, notes the Herald Sun, with the first confectioner’s opening stores in the city in the 1840s. “Fast forward to today and there are many chocolate boutiques and cafes where chocolatiers serve their handmade treats and artisan delights.” When it comes to the city’s best lolly shops, says Weekend Notes, “there's something about an old-fashioned lolly shop that brings a wave of nostalgia to all who enter – even if we're about a century too young to have ever enjoyed an old fashioned sweet shop.” And if it’s macarons, cakes and chocolates to ice-cream you’re after, here are Urban Walkabout’s top picks for all things sugary in Melbourne.” And, as Delicious points out, Melbourne even has its own KitKat store.

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