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Queen Victoria Market

The heart and soul of Melbourne for more than a century” writes Remote Traveler, this historic landmark spreading over two city blocks is a “vibrant and bustling inner-city market is where Melburnians shop for everything from Australian fruit and vegetables, and local and imported gourmet foods, to cosmetics, clothing and souvenirs.” Its deli section, says Besha Rodell in Eater, is “a vintage paradise of chrome and marble booths built in 1929, gold-painted lettering spelled out the businesses’ names and specialties: French pastries, tea, confections, cheese, olives, butter, bratwurst. I marvelled at stalls festooned with hanging kielbasa, and stalls where they scooped thick Greek yogurt from tubs, and stalls with delicate European chocolates displayed like jewels. “

Landmarks and icons
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