Guidebook It’s rich and edgy in art, culture and music


It’s rich and edgy in art, culture and music

“Melbourne is home to dozens of galleries tucked away in basements, laneways and up flights of rickety stairs,” says That’s Melbourne. It’s a city bustling with music, comedy, theatre and hundreds of arts festivals.

“With a bit of inside knowledge, you can catch the big, expensive acts for virtually nothing at one of the ‘secret’ shows that abound at the small venues, notes The Age ... “Prince, Blondie, Lennie Kravitz and Pink have all played in Melbourne pubs and bars – you just had to know when and where.” And the Melbourne Comedy Festival makes the city “the third funniest city in the world, at least for three and a half weeks each March/April,” according to Australian Stage, while the annual White Night attracts half a million people to the centre of the city each February – “on one hot night of the year – all night – White Night presents all manner of art forms, from dance to sculpture, to circus,” says the Sydney Morning Herald.

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