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On the cheap

Eating on the cheap

In a city stocked to the brim with good restaurants, many of them are also cheap. In ‘Melbourne's top 50 cheap eats 2016’ in The Age, Simone Egger explains where to find many truly great cheap eats … “We know our city does cheap eating very, very well, yet, because ours is a city that is made up of villages, we too often stay close to home. Perhaps the best way to approach this list is in the way you would a travel guide, a kind of ‘50 good reasons to get out of your 'hood’ hitlist. You, southsiders, catch a train to Footscray, and you, northsiders are going to love Clayton. And, wherever you are, your local cheapie will still be there to come home to; that special place where you know the chef because you go there so often, not because you may have seen them on the telly.”

On the cheap
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